Roller Garage Doors Installment Tips

Being that this particular type of garage doors are pretty popular, it’s not illogical to think that they are easy to install.  The thing is that although they are probably the easiest type of garage doors to install on the market, it’s actually not a piece of cake and you might break a sweat or two if you don’t know what you’re doing. In order to decrease the risk of dehydration due to excessive sweating take a look at this crash course for installing this particular type of garage doors.

Be precise.

The first step is to measure everything including the parts and the dimensions of your garage opening. You will probably get one big air-condition-like part, which contains the pulling mechanism as well as the actual roller garage doors, and the support strips that hold everything together. So only after you’ve measured everything and marked the drill spots on your garage opening should you continue to the next step of this guide.

Pull it up.

Now that you got the drill holes right there where they should be, pull the whole thing up and place it the way it should stand. Get your drill with extensions and use the screws to secure everything. Now that the whole thing is tightly bound to your garage opening get the hatch for the pulling mechanism and attach it as well. Remove the plastic cover up on the roller doors so they can become functional once you’ve pressed the button to open the door.

Finishing up.

You’re almost done! All you need to do now is to get the cable from the pulling mechanism, the air-condition-like thing, and pull it through all the way down to the panel or switch. Depending on what model you got, you’ll either have a calculator-like panel or a simple on and off switch. Whatever the case is, connect the pulling mechanism with the panel, and you got yourself a fully functional roller garage doors. Now the panel is at your disposal to open or close the roller doors whenever you please. You can also adjust the speed at which they retract and open; it should be in the manual, and it will take just a couple of minutes, but it’s advised to do this before you install the door, as messing with the speed is bound to create malfunction eventually.