Sectional Garage Door Installment

What better invention to protect your car from weather effects and seal the garage then garage doors. There are many garage doors, but the main difference is in the way they retract and create an opening on your garage. Being that sectional garage doors use less space let’s look at the elements that make them functional and how to put all those pieces together to get a fully functional garage doors. This will be an easy guide to install sectional garage doors.


Create a Backbone Before You Start.

Get your measuring tools and start by writing down the height and the width of your garage opening. Now that you have the numbers on the paper get wood planks and place them on the side and top of your garage opening. This will use as a base for your project of installing garage doors. You can’t install a garage door if you don’t have something to mount it to. And being that this will be the backbone of your garage doors make sure that you use the hardwood material.

Bring the Pieces Together.

With every part of your sectional garage door in front of you on the workshop, table place them one on top of another. Make sure to pay attention which one is the bottom one, and mark them if they aren’t already. In most cases, you will get marked sectional parts so no worries. Now get your tool and start connecting the hinges brackets. Depending on the width of your garage opening your garage doors should have two at the side or three, including the middle, hinge brackets that connect the sectional parts. Use the screws that you got from garage door supplier, if you’ve lost them order more- you don’t want wrong screws on key elements that bind your garage door sections. Finish connecting other parts like rollers and strips on the side of each part and you are done with this step.

Pulling mechanism.

You’re almost done, and all you need to do is to get that pipe on top of your garage opening and run the cable trough the rollers. Remember that in order for the mechanism to be able to pull the section parts; the cable needs to go through every roller hole. But firs mount the pipe and install the spring. The sole purpose of the spring is to help with the retraction system. When the door sections are on their way down as you close the door, gravity and inertia do their thing to pull the parts down. When you want to open the door, they rely on some kind of pulling mechanism to retract the parts. So once you’ve read the manual and understand how this mechanism works, you’ll be able to install the pipe, spring and run the cables through the rollers without a hassle.