Retractable Up And Over Easy to Follow Installment Guide

One of the most common garage door types seen in modern American houses are the up and over garage doors. The name of this garage door type is self-explanatory as the garage doors go up, over the pipe until they assume the position parallel to the roof. So if you decided to have your shot in installment of garage doors you’ve come to the right place.


First thing’s first.

Get you base hardware on and create a frame that will act as a support for the door panel. Measure the drill holes and drill each part while making sure that you don’t tighten the screws too much. The strips on the side will act as a rail for the door panel strips and guide them up until they are parallel with the roof. Every screw should have its place so if you end up with a couple of extra screws; it means that you’ve probably missed one or two holes. Being that this frame acts as a support for the whole mechanism, make sure you screw everything together accordingly and get it right.


Pulling Mechanism.

Here comes the tricky part. As you mount the pipe, cables, and the mechanism, you should also place the springs that help with the pulling mechanism. If you aren’t comfortable with this step, call any maintenance company and get a professional to do this. Being that these springs are under high tension, it’s best to avoid possible injuries and call a professional. Now that you got the spring installed you can put the other pieces together and prepare the cables for the door panel. Make sure you lubricate the mechanism as shown in the manual to decrease the friction and overall tension on the spring.

Final Part.

One last part is the door placement. The door panel can be heavy depending on the material that you chose. For this part, you might consider asking your neighbor or a friend to help you. Get the door panel in a vertical position and fixate it with nine-inch nails to the side of your garage opening next to the frame. Use wood planks to avoid damaging the door panel or the frame. Connect the cables and the rollers to the door panel, place a couple of screws and you’re almost done. Place the connected rollers in the frame by pushing the door panel a couple of inches away from you, and it’s done.